Monday, July 15, 2013

Super 24 - Z4s

And so, people who knows me or read my blog would have known that i participated in a dance competition yesterday with my crew.
Guess what, WE GOT 2ND RUNNER-UP!!!!
Super unexpected because we still made mistake during our dry-run in the morning and there were also many stronger crews this year. No words can describe our joy, our hardwork & all the late night trainings did paid off. First time dancing with a snapback, first time joining Super24. Hitting my head a countless time with the cap, resulting in a blueblack on my forehead. Sliding on the floor, causing blueblack & abrasion on my knee.. But overall, everything is worth it!! Really really happy to be a part of Z4s, thank you everyone for the journey & thank you Zaihar for giving me this rusty dancer an opportunity to be a part of your team. So gonna miss everyone after this~

Now, this is Z4s.. Second runner-up for Super24 Dance Competition 2013:


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