Sunday, July 14, 2013

Super 24 Dance Competition

Sundays are usually family days. For me, it's dance competition day tomorrow babeh~
Haven't been able to join any dance competition since i left university 2 years ago due to work commitment and also because, i graduated ('retired'). Haha! Am so happy to be given the opportunity this time to dance with fellow Oschool students for the Super24 Dance Competition.

So, what is the Super24 Dance Competition?
Basically, it is 24 dance members dancing within an 8 by 8 metre square performing a strictly 90 second routine.
SUPER24 About
To add to the challenges, it introduces a 4-sided judging, No area will be left uncovered, no action unnoticed. In this competition, 'every dancer counts'. Cool hur~

And now, i present to you: Z4s
So come on down tomorrow 1pm at ITE College West to support us!!

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