Friday, December 6, 2013



Was very honoured to be invited by STREET 50 Restaurant for their food tasting media launch last week. STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is Bay Hotel Singapore’s good global flavours restaurant that brings you the best from around the world, offering diverse flavours from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean with interesting twists. Due to the upcoming Christmas & New Year season, STREET 50 Restaurant has came up with their Glitter Buffet to celebrate this festive occasions. It offers stunningly colourful flavours across a sumptuous spread, live barbecue action and 6 exclusive dishes done with a twist. Apart from the 6 special highlights, this buffet offers a variety of other gourmet dishes and desserts including Christmas log cake, Crepe Suzette with Mandarins, Christmas Pralines & Cookies, and tropical fish slices.

Bay Hotel Singapore, 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828, +65 6818 6681
Operating Hours: 6am to 4am, Breakfast - 6 to 10.30am, All Day Dining - 11.30am to 10.30pm
Earl Grey Tea & Ginger Lemongrass Tea, $6 each
(Their teabag is really cute. The string attached to the teabag is a wire in the shape of a leave, so you can twist the wire & hang it on the tip of the cup without having to worry the teabag will fall out when you drink from the cup. Innovative~)
For a start, have a go at their complimentary bread basket with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Totally love their bread assortments.
Tom Yam Flair $18
Crayfish, Scallops, Mussels, Squids, Thai herbs & wine in a mild Tom Yam cream
(This is not part of the buffet menu, but the organiser say we MUST try it because it is their in-house recommendation. So totally agree~ Mild tomyam flavour in their cream sauce which doesn't make you feel 'gelat' after a few mouth. I can so eat the whole plate at one go!!)
So now, introducing to you the 6 exclusive special dishes for this upcoming Christmas & New Year Glitter Buffet menu.
Langoustine with Thai Pomelo Salsa
Like fireworks on your palate, the natural sweetness of the langoustine paired with an explosion of juicy pomelo pulp, citrusy lime juice and Thai spices are sure to start your celebration on a sizzling note.
(This has a very refreshing unique taste, does well as an appetiser)
The Asparagus & White Fungus Barigoule
An inspiration from traditional French style Artichokes Barigoule. The sweetness of asparagus, and the white fungus crispy crunch is accompanied by white wine for more depth and flavour, making this a refreshing appetizer
Tandoori Turkey Breast
Marinated overnight with a generous amount of tandoori spices then oven-baked to the perfect level of tenderness, you can expect a succulent, savoury and tandoori-perfumed fowl that engulfs your taste buds with every bite. A cucumber & mint raita makes the best match for this turkey.
(This is my FAVOURITE of the 6!! A pleasant surprise when I had a bite at this. Tender juicy turkey meat with the hinge of the Indian Tandoori flavour, a dish with a unique Asian twist)
Oxtail with Guinness Stout & Espagnole sauce
The tender oxtail is drenched with a mix of demi-glace with tomatoes and a caramelized mixture of minced carrots, onions and shallots gives you a thick, dark and flavourful gravy. For an extra boost of flavour, port wine and Guinness Stout are added to give a bitter-sweet aftertaste
Bread & Butter Pudding with Ginger, Longan & Vanilla Brandy Sauce
This heart-warming pudding has longan cubes with ginger puree added for a sweet, gingery twist. Oven-baked till golden brown, the exposed edges of the bread are crispy and fragrant. Pair this with our homemade vanilla brandy sauce, we are certain this will put a smile on your face.
(A good dessert to warm the tummy after a hearty meal, love the slight gingery fragrance)
Durian Trifle
Made from fresh durian pulp, durian custard and layered sponge
(Rich Durian sponge cake, totally for the Durian lovers)
A video of the restaurant layout:

The Glitter Buffet is available on:

24th, 25th, 31st December 2013 and 1st January 2014 
from 6.30pm to 10pm.
Buffet prices:

Adult: $98++ for buffet spread & live barbecue station
(additional $48++ for free-flow sparkling wine, house wines, beer, juices & soft drinks)

Kids 6-12 years old: $48++ for buffet spread, juices & soft drinks
(kids below 6 get to enjoy buffet for free with every paying adult)

Want to bring your family & loved ones out for dinner this festive seasons? Try out something different!! Have a go at the Glitter Buffet and make your Christmas & New Year a memorable one.

Friday, November 29, 2013


A random lunch & a random chillout coffeeplace.

Nex Shopping Mall, 23 Serangoon Central #03-08, Singapore 556083
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

Had an hour lunch break between 2 meetings, and so my colleague (aka SYWAB, dancemate, crewmate) and I decided to go to the nearest mall to have our lunch, Having post-Korea syndrome, we decide to settle for Korean cruisine.
Chicken Salad $6
Fresh lettuce and spinach tossed with grilled chicken breast, tomato and orange, served with apple dressing
Spicy Soft Tofu Stew, Seafood $10
Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood in a sizzling hot stone pot, served with rice
(Been craving for this ever since the Korea trip, comparable to the one in Korea!!)
Tofu & Kimchi $14
Pan-fried tofu served with stir-friedn Kimchi, pork and bean sprouts
Not bad for a Korean food place =)

Was on a hunt for coffeeplaces, and got recommended by a friend to visit this traditional look-like-a-rundown shophouse. Coffee in a shophouse, how vintage is that?

150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563
Operating Hour: Tues to Thurs - 9am to 7pm, Fri to Sun - 9am to 10pm
Don't be deceived by the rundown exterior
Ice Brewed Coffee $7
(Handmade coffee served in a 'chemical' bottle, reminds me of chemistry experiements during school days)
Espresso + Milk, Regular size $5.50
Only tried out their coffee but heard their food is not bad too, Will come back again next time~

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Pop Factories


I know I don't usually post much about fashion or #ootd but recently I came across a new fashion eCommerce website and I just had to share about it. It's The Pop Factories.

Started up by a fellow pageant girlfriend during my uni days, The Pop Factories strives to bring customers quality, emphatic service and merchandise variety for every individual need. There are more than a hundred different items on the website and what amazes me the most is that, not only do they have women apparels, accessories & shoes like what any other blogshops would have, The Pop Factories also caters to men!! Now every guy can shop with their girlfriends at The Pop Factories.

A unique feature I found from the website is that there is a shopping cart on the top right hand corner that allows you to rearrange your shopping items from top to bottom to let you have a better picture of the look you have imagine in your mind. Most importantly, there is a message bar at the bottom right corner that allows you to chat with the owner live be it asking for fashion tips, delivery or enquiry about the item.

So, curious to know what I pick out from the store? Friends who know me well enough would know I'm not a girl who wears dresses alot. I love shorts, super convenient comfy shorts. Chanced upon this skorts at the 'Shorts' category and find it really interesting. And so, I got it. Skorts is actually a combination of skirt and shorts, it looks like a skirt on the outside but is actually a shorts on the inside. Interesting huh~ 

This skorts is super comfortable, the material is also of good quality. Wore it thrice so far & I have no worries that the material will shrink or stretch after a few wash. Got myself an additional piece in blue & red ones too!! There is also a gift attached with every purchase. How sweet~

To celebrate The Pop Factories reaching her 1000 likes, they are giving away $10 shopping vouchers to 3 lucky winners. Simply:
2. Share the page or album
3. Leave a comment 'I love'

It's that simple, what are you waiting for? Contest ends 30th Novemeber 2013, so hurry!!

And to all my readers, I have a good deal for you all!! Key in 
at the checkout after you are done shopping at The Pop Factories to enjoy a 10% off your shopping purchase. 
Valid till 31st December 2013. So, enjoy shopping!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


They say a woman has two compartments in her tummy, one for food & the other one for desserts. Being a sweet-tooth, how can I say no to desserts?!?!
Super busy hectic week, needed some major sugar boost to lift the mood. Decided to head down to Carpenter & Cook to try out their pastries, situated just a few stores down from Nook House of Pancake which I visited previously. Moreover, I've got the car to use for 2 weeks. Let's go!!

19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120 (near Chun Tin Road and Beauty World)
Operating Hours: Thurs to Sat - 10am to 10pm, Sun - 10am to 7pm (closed on Mon)
The ceiling lamps are all different in size, shape & colours
The toilet area
You can actually buy the appliances & deco on display, they are for sales!
This is so thoughtful, you are allowed to charge your phone but please be considerate to limit to 15min
Smashing Savour Brioche Bun $6.50
The Picnic Sandwich, Ham $8
Queen of Hearts' Tart, Lemon Cream $6.50
(LOVE this, real lemon cream. Sour lemonty citrusy taste~)
Queen of Hearts' Tart, Banoffee $6.50
(Chocolate mousse with banana, best combi)
Tiramisu $8
Earl Grey Tea $5
A video of the shop layout
Didnt know this was a pastry place, no mains at all, only PASTRIES
Visiting this place makes me feel like I'm visiting a museum full of precious antiques. First step into the cafe, everything looks like they are mismatched & everywhere. But taking a closer look, they are surprisingly messily organised. The place is messy, but organised. Get it? Hahaha!!
If you are thinking of visiting this place someday, I would advice you to drive. Public transport took me about 1 & half hours from Tampines previously, from bus to train to bus to walk.