Monday, July 22, 2013

Rainbow SwissRoll & Cupcake

People always say i eat a lot but today, i bake my first 'pastry'!!! Rainbow SwissRoll, because Rainbow Cake is too mainstream already. Hahaha!! Always wanted to learn baking, & finally i did it today!!! *pat on my shoulder* Special thanks to my secondary school badminton junior who's working as a chef now. Those interested to order customised cake, do leave a comment below so that i can liase you guys up.. =)

Anyway, here goes~
The preparation
 'Colouring' the batter
 Rainbow!! Into the oven we go~
 Trying to be a little arty farty.
Yeah yeah!!! Spread the cream cheese & ready to roll~
Done.. So pretty!!!
 Using the remaining coloured batter for cupcakes.
Out of the oven, warm & moist~
 Topped with cream cheese, first time pipping.

Wouldn't say that my swissroll & cupcakes are the prettiest or the nicest, but then again it's not bad for a first timer right? And the rainbow colours make me so happy just by looking at it. Anyway, gave away some of rainbow cupcakes to my friends. Hope you guys enjoy it!! And may the rainbow colours wash away all your blues at work. =)

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