Monday, July 29, 2013


Chanced upon this Japanese Italian cafe one day while walking around Somerset 313. The design of the cafe looks nice, so decided to give it a try.

313 Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #03-23, S(238895), +65 68365612
Operating hour: 11.30am - 10.30pm
Fresh Strawberry Shake $7.50
(Not a fan of strawberry but this taste goooood~ Not too sweet & not too 'gelat')
Ice Macha Latte $7.50
(Taste like Starbucks Green Tea Latte)
Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict $20
Poached eggs, cheese, Smoked Salmon on toasted bread drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. Served with Side Salad
(The portion of the food looks small, but it's definitely super filling)
The yummy Hollandaise sauce to go with the Egg Benedict. Creamy, sour, appetizing with a tint of Wasabi. Nice~ And you can pour the amount to your liking.
Essential British $18
Baked beans, Chorizo Sausage, Scambled eggs on mashed potato drizzled with Brown sauce, cheese on toast
Homemade Macha Cake with Black Sesame Cream $11.50
(So cute, they serve it in a birdcage. Was embarrassed by it at first, but the cake is really yummy)
Single Espresso $3.80
(Cake & coffee, best combination)
My dinner date for the night, Adeline!!! Yummy food with awesome companion.. =)
Came during dinner time about 8pm on a Friday night & surprised to find seats immediately, no queue & not crowded at all. Could be due to the fact that it's located on the third floor & no one really knows about it. So guys, do drop by their cafe to try out their food!! Would definitely want to try their other food on the menu the next time.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm sure this is no stranger to many people, a big woohaa when they open their first outlet in Singapore. Heard so many comments about it, & I finally get to try it!! Being a local-bred Singapore girl who don't travel a lot, it has always been one of my wishlist to travel to HongKong. Ok, not only for the food but also for Disneyland!! Yes, I know. I am quite a loser, I never been to Disneyland before. (-_-) Haha!! But anyway, a Michelin Star restaurant located in a convenient area in town, I get all excited already just from joining in the queue.

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #01-29A
Operating hour: 10am - 10pm
(First-come-first-serve basis, no reservations allow)
When you visit Tim Ho Wan, they have their signature Big 4 Heavenly Kings that is highly recommended: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, Steamed Egg Cake, Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver, & Pan Fried Carrot Cake.

Baked Bun with BBO Pork $4.50
(This is really damn AWESOME!! Crumbly & fluffy on the outside, with thick fragrant BBQ pork sauce on the inside. FYI, each person can only order 1 set of this.)
Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver $5.50
(Personally, I'm not a fan of pig's liver because I don't like the texture & taste of it. So to me, I don't really like it. But of course if you're a pig's liver lover, you should have a go at this.)
Steamed Egg Cake $3.80
(Moist, fluffy & fragrant. Nice~)
Pan Fried Carrot Cake $4.50
Congee with Lean Meat, Century Egg, & Salted Egg $4.20
Glutinous Rice Dumpling $5
(This photo does not do justice to the food, love the fragrance of the Lotus leaf on the rice)
Pork Dumpling with Shrimp 'Siew Mai' $5
(Not really a fan of SiewMai, but the prawn they use is really fresh & juicy!!)
Prawn Dumpling 'Ha Gao' $5.50
I was quite lucky that I did not queue very long before I was seated. Heard about how people queue 4 to 5 hours to have their meal here, I only took about 10 to 15 minutes. Haha!! Lucky me~ Anyway, to avoid the crazy long queue I would advice you guys to come down during weekdays around 3 to 5pm. Because that is the time where the office people finish their lunch break, & before the dinner crowd comes in again. *wink*

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rainbow SwissRoll & Cupcake

People always say i eat a lot but today, i bake my first 'pastry'!!! Rainbow SwissRoll, because Rainbow Cake is too mainstream already. Hahaha!! Always wanted to learn baking, & finally i did it today!!! *pat on my shoulder* Special thanks to my secondary school badminton junior who's working as a chef now. Those interested to order customised cake, do leave a comment below so that i can liase you guys up.. =)

Anyway, here goes~
The preparation
 'Colouring' the batter
 Rainbow!! Into the oven we go~
 Trying to be a little arty farty.
Yeah yeah!!! Spread the cream cheese & ready to roll~
Done.. So pretty!!!
 Using the remaining coloured batter for cupcakes.
Out of the oven, warm & moist~
 Topped with cream cheese, first time pipping.

Wouldn't say that my swissroll & cupcakes are the prettiest or the nicest, but then again it's not bad for a first timer right? And the rainbow colours make me so happy just by looking at it. Anyway, gave away some of rainbow cupcakes to my friends. Hope you guys enjoy it!! And may the rainbow colours wash away all your blues at work. =)