Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Graduation' trip to Korea!!

Decided to blog about my Korea trip last year end with my SYWAB dancemates since I haven't had the chance to. So missing Korea!!! As the title stated, it IS somewhat my graduation trip eventhough I had graduated a year before. Haha!!
I'm sure many will ask what does SYWAB stands for? In short, it means So You Want A Burger. Dont ask me how does this name came about, it's a long story & I do not want to bore you with it. In summary, it is actually my dancecrew's name & we acknowledge each other by calling each other 'burger'. People who do not know us may find this weird but to us, there's a magical bond between us that we love about it.

Back to the topic on Korea. I have NEVER been to Korea. Or rather, I don't really travel alot. My whole life, I've only been to Thailand & Malaysia (Ok, China once for my International Pageant), so I'm really excited for this Korea trip!! After much discussion on which country to visit, we finally came to a decision with Korea because we had 2 CRAZY KPOP fans in the crew. Haha!! And also, we wanted to visit a country with SNOW!!! =P

We travelled from 27th December 2012 to 7th January 2013, spending our New Year's Eve in Korea!!! So, let's begin~

Waiting for our flight. Excited!!
Our flight got delayed for 2hrs, so we're just waiting & waiting~
Ready for take off~
Arrived at Seoul!! Our first meal, dinner outside their 24hrs supermart
Day2 - visit to the Korean Palace, where all the Korean dramas are filmed at
Us taking a photo of Shawn, taking a photo of us. Hahaha!!
Manage to experience snow downpour!!!
Escaping the crazy snow downpour in a cafe, not forgetting having fun too
Skiing time~ This is so fun!!! First attempt at snow-skiing. FUN!!!
Trick Eye Museum
One of my to-do list of this trip. Snow angel!! But a total failure~ Hahaha!!
Lotsa cafe visits
Celebrating New Year's Eve countdown!! Happy 2013!!
First time EATING in the public train & frying my first 'tokboki'
4hrs train journey to Busan. Sooo tired!! Kena bombed by Shawn.
Fresh seafood lunch at Busan
Love Busan!!!!
Crazy things we do together. Love you guys!!!!
Had the chance to catch Mnet Countdown LIVE!!! Thank you for the hospitality!!!
Second attempt at snow angels SUCCESS!!! A strike off my bucket list. =P
Visit to The Garden of the Morning Calm
This place is FREAKING NICE!! And this is where our Blue burger (Shawn) propose to our Pink Burger (Linda). Happy for the 2 of you!!!!
So romantic!! A surprise proposal plan goes well~ *pat on my back* =)
A view of the garden & the 'Proposal' video

Acting one photoshoot
The spastic things we do
Lazing around before out we go again~
This serve us well for the 10 days, thank you Linda!!
On the way to Incheon airport. Craziness in the cab~
Our last 'meal' before the flight home. And look at the colourful chewing gum!!
A video of the daily happenings in Korea
None of us want to be back!! Missing Korea already~
Totally loving this trip with my beloved SYWAB dancemates, a pity we didnt manage to take dance classes there. So, WHERE IS OUR NEXT HOLIDAY DESTINATION?!?! Cant wait for it.. =P

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