Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Pop Factories


I know I don't usually post much about fashion or #ootd but recently I came across a new fashion eCommerce website and I just had to share about it. It's The Pop Factories.

Started up by a fellow pageant girlfriend during my uni days, The Pop Factories strives to bring customers quality, emphatic service and merchandise variety for every individual need. There are more than a hundred different items on the website and what amazes me the most is that, not only do they have women apparels, accessories & shoes like what any other blogshops would have, The Pop Factories also caters to men!! Now every guy can shop with their girlfriends at The Pop Factories.

A unique feature I found from the website is that there is a shopping cart on the top right hand corner that allows you to rearrange your shopping items from top to bottom to let you have a better picture of the look you have imagine in your mind. Most importantly, there is a message bar at the bottom right corner that allows you to chat with the owner live be it asking for fashion tips, delivery or enquiry about the item.

So, curious to know what I pick out from the store? Friends who know me well enough would know I'm not a girl who wears dresses alot. I love shorts, super convenient comfy shorts. Chanced upon this skorts at the 'Shorts' category and find it really interesting. And so, I got it. Skorts is actually a combination of skirt and shorts, it looks like a skirt on the outside but is actually a shorts on the inside. Interesting huh~ 

This skorts is super comfortable, the material is also of good quality. Wore it thrice so far & I have no worries that the material will shrink or stretch after a few wash. Got myself an additional piece in blue & red ones too!! There is also a gift attached with every purchase. How sweet~

To celebrate The Pop Factories reaching her 1000 likes, they are giving away $10 shopping vouchers to 3 lucky winners. Simply:
2. Share the page or album
3. Leave a comment 'I love www.thepopfactories.com'

It's that simple, what are you waiting for? Contest ends 30th Novemeber 2013, so hurry!!

And to all my readers, I have a good deal for you all!! Key in 
at the checkout after you are done shopping at The Pop Factories to enjoy a 10% off your shopping purchase. 
Valid till 31st December 2013. So, enjoy shopping!!!

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