Thursday, November 21, 2013


They say a woman has two compartments in her tummy, one for food & the other one for desserts. Being a sweet-tooth, how can I say no to desserts?!?!
Super busy hectic week, needed some major sugar boost to lift the mood. Decided to head down to Carpenter & Cook to try out their pastries, situated just a few stores down from Nook House of Pancake which I visited previously. Moreover, I've got the car to use for 2 weeks. Let's go!!

19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120 (near Chun Tin Road and Beauty World)
Operating Hours: Thurs to Sat - 10am to 10pm, Sun - 10am to 7pm (closed on Mon)
The ceiling lamps are all different in size, shape & colours
The toilet area
You can actually buy the appliances & deco on display, they are for sales!
This is so thoughtful, you are allowed to charge your phone but please be considerate to limit to 15min
Smashing Savour Brioche Bun $6.50
The Picnic Sandwich, Ham $8
Queen of Hearts' Tart, Lemon Cream $6.50
(LOVE this, real lemon cream. Sour lemonty citrusy taste~)
Queen of Hearts' Tart, Banoffee $6.50
(Chocolate mousse with banana, best combi)
Tiramisu $8
Earl Grey Tea $5
A video of the shop layout
Didnt know this was a pastry place, no mains at all, only PASTRIES
Visiting this place makes me feel like I'm visiting a museum full of precious antiques. First step into the cafe, everything looks like they are mismatched & everywhere. But taking a closer look, they are surprisingly messily organised. The place is messy, but organised. Get it? Hahaha!!
If you are thinking of visiting this place someday, I would advice you to drive. Public transport took me about 1 & half hours from Tampines previously, from bus to train to bus to walk. 

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