Monday, January 13, 2014


Everybody knows my weakness for green tea!! Was walking around Marina Square for dinner place & decided to drop by Saint Marc for their green tea dessert!! Other than Chococro which is their signature product, their menu also includes freshly baked pastries, soft serve icecream, sandwiches and drinks.

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105/184/185 Singapore 039594
Operating Hour: 10am to 10pm everyday
Everything is electronic now. You order your food, take this back to your seat, once it lit & vibrate, you go collect your food at the counter. No more waiting around and hogging the area~
Of course, time for dessert~
Matcha Daifuku Chococro $2.60
Matcha Chocolate, Red bean, Rice cake
(Their signature pastry, chose my fav green tea flavour. Croissant-like texture with bitter-sweet green tea mochi.. Nice~)
Nara $8.20
Green Tea ice cream with Red Bean paste, Vanilla softserve and Matcha jelly
Choco Banana Split $8.80
Chocolate ice cream with Brownie, Pudding, Cornflake, Banana and Vanilla softserve
(Love the combination of the crunchy cornflakes with soft cold ice cream and pudding)
Other than the outlet at Marina Square, there is also another outlet at Vivocity level 1 #01-108/109/110. Do check them out!!

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