Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello my fellow foodies, yes I know I have been 'missing' for almost 3 months. So sorry for the MIA. Currently experiencing the quarter-life crisis; changing job, passing down, and getting used to the new job. So just a little update on my life, I recently just left my first ever fulltime job and am currently adapting to my new job now. In addition, I have also started on a new venture with my soulbuddy and we are in the progress of getting it started REAL soon. Super excited about all our ideas and plans!! So do stay tune as I will be releasing the news bit by bit. =)

So back to my fooooooooooood~ Brought my mum for dinner on Tuesday to a cafe I went previously only to find out they were closed for a private event. So as we were making our way back to the car, we chanced upon a random cafe nearby that looks pretty decent and decided to give it a try.

PS: Sorry for the pixelated photos, taken by my Samsung S4.

1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01 Singapore 199069
Operating hours:
Mon, Wed to Thurs, Sun - 12pm to 9pm, Fri to Sat - 12pm to 10pm (Close on Tues)
Red Velvet $6
Delicious, sweet and buttery aroma. Perfect for all red velvet cake lovers
(I'm a crazy red velvet fan. I expected a rich, thick creamy drink like what you would taste from a hot chocolate drink, but to me, this might be too diluted for a drink. Overall presentation looks good, and I do like the red velvet aroma of it.)
Class 2A Breakfast $15.90
Oven baked Chicken/Pork Sausage with crispy Turkey/Pork bacon, creamy mushroom sauce and Scrambled/Sunny Side eggs
(Their in-house signature. Love love the sauteed mushroom and overall it a good balance of taste, not too salty and not too bland.)
Creamy Smoked Chicken $9.90
Sauteed smoked chicken in delicious cream sauce
(Another in-house signature. Smoked chicken taste good, however the cream sauce may get a little too 'gelat' if you are not a big fan of it.)
IceCream Sandwich by Icecreamcookieco $7.90
Assorted IceCream sandwiched between cookie biscuits
Available in: Choco Hazelnut, English Earl Grey, Milk & Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake
Optional Add-on: Toasted Marshmallow $2
(Went for the English Earl Grey as I am an EarlGrey fanatic. Quite an interesting way for icecream, and the taste is not bad.)
The cafe is open up by a few motorcyclist activists who believes the joy in motorcycling is not just the journey but also the destinations. The space under the roof is meant to be filled with passion, pursuit and a general lust for the two-wheeled machine. So beside great food and coffee, the visual pleasure of seeing some of the guests' machines. The 7th Cylinder's philosophy is built on the simple constructs of culture, community and inclusiveness. The rule is simple - 'We won't feed you or make you do anything we won't want for our friends'

Do keep your eyes open for the cafe when you visit as the entrance is not really visible. Keep a lookout for two big tin cylinder with their menu on it.

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