Saturday, August 24, 2013


Work has been really really busy this whole week. But in the midst of it, I still manage to get some good lunch in between. Awesome~ After meeting up with a client in Serangoon, I chanced upon a little treasure in the Japanese Gourmet Town in NEX shopping mall.

NEX Shopping Mall, 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-02, +65 6634 4786
Operating hours: 11:00am -10:00pm
Awesome chill powder
Instead of normal green tea, they serve roasted green tea. Which is also known as Hojicha. ME LIKE!!!
Oyako Don Set $17.90
Warm handmade Soba (changed from the initial chilled Soba)
Chicken with Scrambled Egg Rice Bowl
Prawn Salad with Sesame dressing
(The prawns are really fresh & juicy, matched with the sesame dressing. Mama mia~)
Mini Seiro Set $18.90
Mentai Salmon Rice Bowl
(Love this salmon, chargrilled salmon with slightly burnt taste topped with their mayonnaise sauce. YUMMY!!)
Minced Chicken in Teriyaki sauce
Chilled handmade Soba with dipping sauce
(Being a fan of chilled soba, I find this really chewy & appetizing. However, would be better if they can be served more chilled.)

Went during lunch time & there wasn't a crowd at all. Cosy quiet place & you don't feel pressurized to finish your meal in a hurry, unlike other food places during lunch hour. What's more, they serve yummy japanese food with reasonable set meal prices. *thumb up*

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